Circus Monoxide

Apr 17th, 2021

Circus Monoxide Youth Performers are young people aged from 9-18 who do more than just do tricks.

Working predominantly as an ensemble but with excellent solos as well, this group of young people are the up-coming circus performers in the Illawarra.

Our youth performance troupe has collaborated with outstanding circus arts organisations across Australia!

Our current Performance troupe are hot off the heels of their sold-out theatre season; come and see these amazing young people do extraordinary things!  

In 2021, over one week, these two dynamic troupes of young people will come together and exchange skills, performance classes and a performance development process. 

Student's, trainers and the artistic leaders of these two vibrant organisations will co-create a series of acts inspired by the theme of Connectivity.

Come along to our Civic Centre Market to see this amazing team perform through out the day!