Artist - Gennifer Anderson

Throughout the month of March, the works of local artist Gennifer Anderson will be displayed here at the Shellharbour Civic Centre as part of our reoccurring exhibition, 'Artist of the Month'. 

The exhibition will include art in multiple mediums to showcase the diversity of her talent. 

Artist statement:

My art observes belonging and community through a patchwork of memories.

It evokes emotions and tells a story while allowing space to create your own meaning.

I am drawn to the colours and movement of water, the form of flowers, and negative spaces that provide a visual pause.

I bring images together representing layers of place and time. Salvaging, recycling, reusing and upcycling influence all avenues of my creative practice.

My artwork is moody and heavily textured.

Built using mixed media and resin on board or canvas. As a ‘constructor of art’ I experiment with what others view as trash, add resin, play with tints and techniques and push the properties of each to create texture and depth.

In 2020, in a world seemingly gone mad, slowing down and reflecting helped me to focus on why I became a full-time artist.

I have things to say, opinions and thoughts about life and the world we inhabit that I would like to gently express. Art allows me a private place to do this that I sometimes share.

I’ve brought this small selection together for you so you can experience my sense of belonging which leads to my expression of social responsibility!

I hope you enjoy the works and that the brief descriptions help you to understand where my creative process begins. You can see and read more about my practice on my social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, The Weave Artist Directory and Bluethumb Art Gallery through this link

Thank you for your time.