Civic Centre Backyard Nature Walk

Access to green spaces and a sense of connection to nature is important to our health and wellbeing. Our local community values protecting and enhancing Shellharbour’s natural environment.

Here at the Civic Centre, the Backyard Nature Walk allows connection with nature in a fun and accessible way. It provides opportunities to both explore and discover, sit and enjoy. It inspires our community to think about what they can do in their own backyards to help our local native wildlife.

What you see on the Civic Centre Backyard Nature Walk changes through the seasons. We encourage you to visit regularly and notice the seasonal changes. When do the Illawarra Flame Trees and Blue-flax Lilies flower? What time of year can you observe native blue-banded bees flying about, or fungi in the garden beds? When can you hear Peron’s Tree Frogs calling, or Channel-billed Cuckoos flying overhead?

There are three access points to the Civic Centre Backyard Nature Walk. The main access point is down the stairs or ramp (wheelchair, pram and walker friendly) from the undercover parking accessible from Cygnet Avenue. The main path for the walk is a fully accessible, being a wide flat concrete path. Branching off from the main path are smaller paths through the garden beds with areas to explore.

Nature walk signs

Signage about native wildlife and plants

Along the edges of the main path are four large educational signs. They feature gorgeous photos and fascinating facts about wildlife and native plants that can be observed on the walk, including frogs, Port Jackson Figs, native bees and Grey-headed Flying-foxes.  

Frog call wheel

Croak, croak! This interactive frog call wheel allows users to select calls from eight local frogs, and turn the wheel to hear a recording of their call. Each species of frogs has its own unique call.  

Frog wheel installed October 2020
Garden beds and paths to explore image

Garden beds and paths to explore

The Civic Centre backyard has extensive garden beds planted with a range of native trees, shrubs, flowers and ground covers.

Can you find the garden bed near the Civic Centre building with narrow paths cut through the vegetation to allow children to adventure through?

Tread Shellharbour app

The Tread Shellharbour app feature for the Civic Centre Backyard Nature Walk has additional information, resources and images about what you can see on the Nature Walk. You can also find links to citizen science projects were you can record your observations of wildlife, plants and fungi.

A note on safety and getting ready to explore!

When accessing this outdoor space, it is recommended you wear full enclosed shoes and sun-safe clothing including a hat. As a natural space, there are insects, spiders, tree branches, uneven ground along some paths, and other natural hazards to be aware of. There is also a creek line down the embankment to the south of the garden beds. It is recommend children are fully supervised by adults on the Nature Walk.

Shellharbour City Council acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Dharawal Country and recognises their continued connection to the land.
We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and the contribution they make to the life of this City.