Hall of fame

Nominations are now open

Nominations are now being called for inductees into the Shellharbour City Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was established in 1988 as a bicentennial project with the aim of recognising outstanding achievements in diverse fields by residents of Shellharbour City.

Nominations close 4.30pm on Friday 9 October 2020, please find a link to the nomination form and guidelines below.  

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Karen Lord Small

Karen Lord

Karen Lord was a state and national swimming champion.
Keith Grey

Keith Grey

Keith Grey was an alderman and mayor of Shellharbour Municipal Council.
Hugh Dudgeon Jnr Small

Hugh Dudgeon Jnr

The family lived on a clearing lease at Saddleback Mountain and several farms in Kiama where they established small dairies.
Robert Dovers Small

Robert Dovers

Robert Dovers was an Antarctic explorer and surveyor.
Ron Costello Small

Ronald Costello

Ron Costello was a professional Australian Rugby League player.
Max Murphy Small

Max Murphy

Maxwell Murphy was a state and national boxing champion.
Terrence Small

Terrence Baldwin

Terrence Baldwin was a state and national outdoor lawn bowler.
Dianne Gorman Small

Dianne Gorman OAM

Dianne Gorman is an Australian Hockey Champion.
Eric Klein Small

Eric Klein

Eric Klein was a Paralympian and world champion archer.
Beverley Whitfield

Beverley Whitfield

Beverley Whitfield was an Australian Olympic swimmer and record holder.
Andrew McGill Small 1

Andrew McGill

Andrew McGill established himself as one of the most successful breeders of dairy cattle in the district.
Dr Vernon Small

Dr. Vernon Allen James OAM

Dr Vernon James, O.A.M, FRCS, FRACS, was a noted vascular surgeon.
Jenny Gill Small

Jenny Gill

Jenny Gill was a World Champion surfer.
Theresa Small

Theresa ‘Kay’ Honeysett

Kay Honeysett (nee Woods) was a state and national champion in both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.
Evelyn Owen Small

Evelyn Owen

Evelyn (Evo) Owen was a famous Australian inventor.
William Beach Small

William Beach

William Beach was a champion sculler and held the title of World Sculling Champion from 1884 to 1887.
Robert and Angela Harrison Small

Robert Harrison OAM & Angela Harrison

Robert (Bob) Joseph Wilson Harrison and Angela Harrison were the longest serving husband and wife team in New South Wales government.
Brett Lee Small

Brett Lee

Brett Lee is a former Australian international cricketer and fast bowler.
Shane Lee Small

Shane Lee

Shane Lee was a former Australian first-class cricketer.
Brett Stibners Small

Brett Stibners OAM

Brett Stibners was an Australian wheelchair basketball champion.
David Gentles Small

David Gentles

David Gentles was recognised as one of the best hockey umpires in the world.
Brett Duprez Small

Brett Duprez

Brett Duprez was a world champion lawn bowler.
Ron Lord

Ron Lord

Ron Lord was an international football (soccer) goalkeeper, recognised as one of the finest Australia ever produced.
Sir George Small

Sir George Warburton Fuller

George W Fuller was a barrister and politician.
Geoff Shaw Small

Geoffrey Shaw

Geoff ‘Bunter’ Shaw is a former Australian representative rugby union player and former Wallabies captain.
Eino O Small

Eino Okkonen

Eino Okkenen was the founder of Illawarra Wheelchair Basketball and instrumental in setting up the Roller Hawks National League team in 2001.
Shelby and Molly Small

Shelby Lacey & Molly Hanrahan

Shelby Lacey and Molly Hanrahan were champions gymnasts.
Brian Hancock Small

Brian Hancock & ‘Our Sir Vancelot’

Brian Hancock was one of Australia’s leading drivers and trainers in harness racing.
Henry Osborne 1

Henry Osborne

Henry Osborne was a successful agriculturalist and pastoralist, and one of the largest and wealthiest landowners in the colony.